Bled at night

There is always an oportunity to take good photos. Ok, I must admit that those two aren’t top end photos, but they show lake Bled in a little bit different way. On the way back from Bohinj I stopped at Bled just to see how it looks at night. Initially I wanted to take some photos of Bohinj and moon above the lake but it was too foggy. Bled looks fantastic at night but I wanted to shoot something else than just castle and the island with church on it. At that time I remembered what Iztok Medja was talking about at his lecture about night photography (video lecture). With my camera on a tripod, wide angle lens attached, exposure time set on 30″, I took my smart phone out of the pocket and turn the phone lamp on, starting to paint “pletna” (boat) with the light. It turned out pretty good. I took just one photo. Than I wanted to take a photo of the island. I couldn’t find the place which would give me good composition but I saw swan family nearby. Once again I used phone lamp for painting with light and photo turned out nice. So, I took only two RAW photos and got five of the main Bled attractions: lake, castle, island with church, swans and “pletna”.