November rain with Helios 44M-4

Days are extremely short and fall colours are gone. So it’s the right time to go retro, B&W and manual. I mean with photos.


I picked my only manual lens that I have now (I used to have more great manual lenses), Zenit Helios 44m-4 58mm f2. This is lens with a style. I will not write about it’s sharpness, which is o.k. It’s the crazy bokeh (off focus area). No other lens produces such swirly bokeh. 


Manual focus lenses make’s you go deep into photography again. You slow down, think twice and than shoot.


Sometimes you miss focus but you don’t care because you know how hard it is to “catch” focus. But that’s the beauty. Manual focus lenses have character.


There have been moments when I asked myself why bother, why use manual lenses on digital bodies? Why not sale of them? But I always end up with at least one.


Whenever I take manual focus lens in my hands, I smile. They are all built like tank’s, manual focus is smoooooth, they are usually light and small. So, which is next?