Priceless moments – Jamnik at full moon

Best thing of today’s evening visit of Jamnik was the fact that we went as a family, all 4 of us. It has been an advanture. And hey, life is adventure isn’t it?


I thought moon would rise at 18.30 but it didn’t. We were a little sad, kids were tired so we went back to our car. But than the sky went crazy and the moon rised. What a performance!


Standard place to shoot Jamnik church is from the right side but today we had to look for spot on the left side. We found a clean spot down the road.


Two other collegues were there shooting handheld, so we had a good laugh. I hope they also got great photos.


Not only for me and Bojana this evening was something special, I think Gaja and Nejc felt that this was a magical moment. Priceless!

Equipment used: 
Canon 5d mark II; Canon EF 70-200mm f4 IS; tripod; manual focus